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2013-04-10 16:18:28 by Xeptic


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Record Shop Tycoon 2 Peek 4

2012-02-08 05:35:58 by Xeptic

New year, new Newgrounds, new update. It has been far too long since the last update, but I've been extremely busy the last couple of weeks and hardly had any time at all to spend on some serious development. I think this game is taking longer to develop than Duke Nukem Forever... Anyway, things are finally shaping up and it's actually sort of playable at the moment. There are still some big features I need to put in, and balancing the entire thing is going to take a huge load of work, but I'm starting to become more and more optimistic that I might actually finish it!

If you want to mess around with the game for a bit and provide some feedback send me a pm (or comment below).

Record Shop Tycoon 2 - Peak 3

2011-11-09 18:44:14 by Xeptic

Been a while since I updated my profile page. I'm still working on RST2 every now and then, but I'm far too busy with other stuff at the moment to make any really progress. Here's a short video update anyway:

Record Shop Tycoon 2 - Peak 2

2011-08-30 08:02:04 by Xeptic

I finally got around to recording the current state of the next installment of Record Shop Tycoon. I know it's been quite a while since the last update, but I've been pretty busy so things aren't moving along as quickly as I'd want to. This new video shows some features that are new in RST2, such as being able to build and decorate your own store, zooming and scrolling, hiring and firing staff, and some other small stuff such as the fact that in No. 2 you can only fill a cd-rack with 1 genre and you need staff to refill the racks when they're empty.

There are a bunch of other features coming, such as competitors et cetera that I'm going to start working on right now. I hope to speed things up a little from here on, so maybe the next update won't take months this time.

Also, I think it would be really cool to get some input from other people in the game, so I'm thinking of letting people design floor tiles, so they can send them to me and I can put them in the game. I'll probably announce something like that on my Twitter if that idea catches on. Also starting today I'll let some people do some really basic testing to get some early feedback, so if you're up for that drop me a pm.

My last news post was so old...

2011-08-18 17:21:45 by Xeptic was starting to demotivate me, so I made another one :3

New WIP video coming next week. I hope.

Progress is sloooooow

2011-03-26 08:22:31 by Xeptic

But I'm making progress nevertheless. Big update coming soon-ish.

EDIT: video of really early engine

Recordshop Tycoon sequel

2010-12-01 14:52:55 by Xeptic

EDIT: I am now posting worthless updates on the development of RST2 on my Twitter.

A couple of months ago I released Recordshop Tycoon, which did quite alright, but it had a lot of flaws and elements I wasn't very pleased with. So that's why I'm going to make a sequel which will be ten times as awesome! I got loads of feedback on the game and I have a lot of ideas on how to make it better, but I can always use fresh ideas. So if you've played the first one and you think you feel like contributing post a comment!

Recordshop Tycoon is out!

2010-09-11 04:09:46 by Xeptic

Play it here.

I actually finished this game a couple of months ago, but it took ages before I could upload it. In the end, thanks to MaxGames, it's finally here.

In the meanwhile, here's a picture of what appears to be a nun with guns and some hairy guy with horns. Read more about that here.

Recordshop Tycoon is out!